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Terms of Business


A member of the EVOGO team will contact you when it’s time to renew your vehicle. The staff member will go through what is available and the pricing structure that applies at that time. Acceptance of renewals will still be subject to availability; you will not be authorised to renew if your account has arrears.

Extension to rentals or early termination of rentals needs to be organised through the same procedure.

Delivery & Collection

Delivery and collection of vehicles can be arranged. We require that all first vehicles are signed for and collected from our main site.

On renewal we can offer a Delivery & Collection service, a fee will apply to this service and an EVOGO staff member will be able to quote you a price to organise this.

The majority of deliveries and collections will be within our normal operating hours (Mon-Fri 0800-1700). We can offer collections on a Saturday morning with mutual agreement.

Cancellation of Hires and Abortive Delivery/Collection

EVOGO would appreciate as much notice as possible in the event of cancellations in order to avoid abortive delivery and collection charges. If you have not made us aware to changes with your on or off hired vehicle delivery or collection 48 hours beforehand, you will receive an abortive charge based on distance in miles and personal time.

Terms of Hire

The maximum rental period will be 89 days.

EVOGO reserves the right to cease the hire with 2 weeks written notice. This also covers exchanging of vehicles and ending the hire agreement. This agreement is governed by English Law.

Vehicle Condition

All vehicles are subject to pre and post rental inspection and, upon delivery and collection, the customer has the opportunity to inspect the vehicle and sign the vehicle damage control sheet.

EVOGO follow the off hire damage guidelines of the BVRLA.

Where vehicles are delivered and not signed for then you must not move the vehicle without self-inspection.

Any damage not already noted on the vehicle damage control sheet should be notified to the Head office. Out of normal office hours, please leave details on our answer phone service. If this procedure is not carried out, then any damage will be deemed to be responsibility of the hirer.

Smoking is prohibited in all our company vehicles and attracts a £500 refurbishment cost.


Lost keys will be the responsibility of the Hirer and all resulting costs incurred would be recharged e.g. replacement keys, replacement locks, re-programming of master keys to the vehicle computer, vehicle recovery, loss of use. Any theft or damage caused as a result of keys being left in or around a vehicle, would also be re-charged. We will identify on your vehicle condition sheet, how many keys were issued at time of hire.

Any spare keys are to be returned to EVOGO within 7 working days or you will be charged for a replacement, following 7 working days after your offhire date you will not be re-credited any recharge.


We operate Diesel & Petrol engines in the fleet and you will be told whether your vehicle is Petrol or Diesel at time of handover.

Vehicles will be supplied with delivery fuel. The fuel level will be marked on your on hire sheet. You must return the vehicle with the equivalent level of fuel or we will charge for a vehicle being returned with a less amount of fuel, at the rate set out below. (Please refer to table of charges).

In the event you fill the vehicle with incorrect fuel, you will be liable for all costs relating to getting the vehicle back on the road. This will also include any recovery charges and parts required.


Your mileage is based on xx miles per month.

Mileage in excess of the agreed contract amount will be debited to your account, as per table of charges. If you are aware you will exceed the contractual monthly mileage, please make us aware in advance and we can look to adjust your monthly payments. Your mileage is based on a Pro-rata basis, based on mileage allowance set per annum. It is essential you return your monthly mileage updates to ensure you are not exceeding your mileage allowance.

In the event you are tracking over mileage, we can adjust your monthly rate mid-term and this way reduce the risk of receiving a final off hire excess mileage charge.

Vehicle Alterations

During your hire period you are not authorised to make any alterations or make any additions to our fleet vehicles, this includes illegal tinting, spraying of alloy wheels to change colour, removing fleet management devices etc.

Also if you are found to be guilty of tampering with the vehicles mileage instruments by use of electronic mileage blockers, we will look to recover all associated costs with repairing this vehicle and also look to inform the Police and prosecute for tampering with a vehicles mileage counter.

Tracking Units

To maintain and protect the condition and performance of the Hire Car, to detect and prevent crime and to assist you in the event of accident or breakdown the Hire Car may be fitted with an electronic device to track location and/or telematics data.  By executing this Agreement you give your specific express authority for us to use and access location and/or telematics information about the Hire Car and its Use.  You acknowledge that EVOGO may use the information obtained through any such device to locate the Hire Car at any time during the Hire Period and after and for any reason.

Overseas Hires

We are in a position to permit overseas hire to Europe. (for a maximum of 2 weeks) You will be responsible for travel insurance, maintenance, servicing and international breakdown.

You will also be fully responsible for all costs relating to vehicle recovery for the vehicle and passengers.

A letter of approval will be required for overseas travel. We would ask for 2 working days’ notice to issue this document and an administration charge would also apply.

Vehicle Maintenance

All vehicles on our rental fleet are maintained in conjunction with manufacturers’ recommendation. It is the hirers responsibility to inform us when services are due. In the event you allow the vehicle to severely track over its service mileage, a charge maybe applicable.

As part of your hire you will be responsible for all day to day maintenance, including topping up fluids such as windscreen wash, Adblue and oil. These fluids will be at your own cost.

Should any other maintenance work need to be carried out e.g. MOT or Manufacturer recall, we will contact the hirer to make arrangements.

You must make the vehicle available for any maintenance or service work to be carried out.


All replacement tyres required through fair wear and tear will be carried out free of charge by us.

Damage to wheels or tyres including punctures or side wall damage will be recharged.

Tyres damaged as a result of continued driving following a puncture, would also be recharged.

If the vehicle is off hired with damaged tyres, you will be billed for a replacement(s) tyres.

Responsibility of the Hirer

When a service is due we would request that the hirer notifies us in order that mutually convenient arrangements can be made. EVOGO will complete routine services /basic maintenance and a replacement vehicle will be provided at no extra cost if required. It is imperative that hirers assist and co-operate in ensuring that any routine maintenance of a vehicle is carried out in a timely manner. If it is deemed a hirer has failed to notify us in a timely manner, we will seek a re-charge for damages occurred.

EVOGO request that drivers check tyre pressures, tread and engine fluids e.g. oil and water in vehicles on a weekly basis.

On hires of 28 days and more, EVOGO rental would require monthly checks on mileage and condition. The hirer will receive an automated email requesting a mileage update and it is part of your Terms and Conditions to complete this action.

Breakdown and Recovery

All vehicles are covered by this service, offering advice and guidance. All our vehicles are covered by the manufacturer breakdown service and this is usually through either the AA or RAC.

Our normal response time would be 60 minutes. However, in some cases this time scale may be affected by time of day, day of year, distance or geographical location.

There is no charge to the customer for recovery, repair or replacement vehicles unless the fault is as a result of accident, misuse or negligence on the part of the hirer. The hirer will be notified in writing of any accident, recovery or repair charges considered to be the responsibility of the hirer and will be charged on a separate invoice.


At the time of the booking we will establish insuring the vehicle.

Customers own insurance C.O.I

Customers must use their own insurance. We request that the insurance is Fully Comprehensive and we would request that a copy of the insurance documentation is provided (NOT A COVER NOTE) be faxed to 0844 558 0222 marked FAO Rental Team.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the hire vehicle has been insured for the duration of the hire period.

Off hire Insurance Liability

Where the hirer’s own insurance is used, the hirer’s liability for the vehicle shall remain until mid-day the following working day, after termination of hire.

Regular checks will be made to ensure the insurance is kept up to date and valid.

Accident/incident resulting in vehicle damage

In the event of any damage being caused to a hired vehicle, we would ask that the driver contact EVOGO as soon as possible on 0114 478 7430.

In the event of a vehicle being taken off the road due to damage:

  • We would request the right to carry out repairs in our own workshops and pursue a third party claim for any uninsured loss.
  • In order that we gain authorisation for repairs to be carried out as quickly as possible, we would request that any negotiations, and/or paperwork related to a claim, be completed within 5 working days.
  • Where this is not the case EVOGO Rental reserve the right to commence the repairs and will, where deemed necessary, arrange an independent engineers report with the fee payable by the hirer.
  • Where repairs are delayed unreasonably, EVOGO will charge for loss of use of the vehicle.
  • Any charges resulting from misuse or damage, which occurred due to negligence on behalf of the hirer, would be re-charged.
  • We adhere to follow the BVRLA recommendations in accordance with fair wear and tear guidelines.

Total Loss

Where the accident damage to the hire vehicle, under the customers own insurance is severe enough to result in “write off” or “total loss” of the vehicle, the rental charges will continue to be invoiced and collected, until a settlement offer has been agreed and received. The settlement figure imposed would equate to the value of the vehicle at the time of the incident, according to Glass’s Guide (retail) adjusted for mileage. We would not accept reimbursement based on the purchase cost of the vehicle, nor would we apply the purchase price of an equivalent replacement vehicle.

Fines / Penalties / Additional charges

All hires will be subject to any additional costs associated with the delivery or collection of a vehicle such as ferry, bridge, congestion, tunnel etc. and these will be added to the rental invoice.

The hirer will be responsible for all parking fines, congestion charges and road traffic offences and fines during the period of hire. We will impose an administration fee of £35.00 + VAT to administrate these. This will be irrespective of whether the rental agreement has been signed by the hirer or a representative of the hiring company. Where possible fines and penalties will be transferred to the hiring company or individual. Hirers take fully responsibility for all fines and charges relating to the vehicle, whilst the vehicle is in their possession and on hire.

Details of drivers must be submitted in a timely manner to administrate any parking or speeding fines. Failure to comply will result in liability being transferred to the name we have on the account.


Our billing process is controlled at Head Office (Chesterfield), facilitating accurate and timely invoicing. Invoices are issued on the first working day of each month for the previous month, payment is expected by 15th of that month. In the event you do not pay us by the 15th of that month, charges may apply until your monthly lease payment is made.

We can split the rental and service element on invoices if requested.

Invoices can detail account number, order number, department code, vehicle details, hire dates, driver’s name, rental agreement number, and individual cost for rental, fuel and delivery etc.

Late payments may attract an administration fee, please see table of charges below.


Rates are quoted in £’s sterling and are exclusive of VAT.

EVOGO reserves the right to apply a Rate Percentage Increase (RPI) in the event of increases in tax or market trends on vehicles.

Early reviews may take place if there are changes outside our control such as government policy changes in VAT or RFL, these increases/decreases are outside of our control and we may need to increase or decrease your monthly rate.


The appropriate rate of VAT will be charged and itemised on invoices issued. Separate invoices can be raised for accidental damage or fine charges.

Rate of Charges

Any vehicle that is hired for a set period of time and returned earlier than agreed, or has had factory or dealer extras fitted, will be charged at the rate pertaining to the actual hire period. The cost of any extras will be invoiced in the last hire invoice and the remaining rental charges may still apply.

Road Fund License

Road fund license is covered in the quotation.

Payment Terms and Credit Limit

We have set an initial credit limit of 1 vehicle/s.

We only accept payment by monthly Standing order or bank transfer and would ask that invoices are settled within agreed period. Late payments may attract charges.

Once you have reached your specified credit limit, your account will be suspended and a review will be made to see if an increase is possible.

An account will be stopped when failure to pay on demand, any outstanding balances, on your account.

EVOGO Rental will ask you to make arrangements for the immediate return of all vehicles on hire against a stopped account. All associated costs for collection will be added to the account and pursued in full. If your account is passed to our legal department, we will issue CCJ’s against you.

Breach of Contract

EVOGO Rental reserves the right to impose a penalty against any client who breaches general or specific terms and conditions. The value of the penalty will reflect the financial losses that EVOGO Rental sustains.

Off hire damage & procedures

Off hire damage

EVOGO use on / off hire damage sheets.

These sheets are completed and signed at time of on hire and off hire. Your vehicle will go through an initial off hire damage assessment at time of off hire. It will then be subject to a more thorough assessment at one of our workshops and this check will be done within 7 working days of your off hire date.

EVOGO will supply a damage pack within 10 working days of off hire. This will identify any damage that falls outside of normal fair wear and tear.

EVOGO will supply a copy of on/off hire damage sheet, independent damage repair estimate and digital images if necessary.

The hirer will have 3 working days to contest this damage, otherwise EVOGO will have the damage repaired and invoice for the work completed. In the event you contest the damage, you must supply a clear reason why you feel you are not liable for the damage recharge.

If you wish to place any damage recharge through an insurance claim, you must provide us with an insurance claim number.

If after 5 days you do not provided their authority or your insurance claim number, we reserve the right to commence repair and invoice accordingly.

Insurance Referral

If the hirer intends to pursue the damage claim through their insurance company, then notify the EVOGO damage team immediately quoting the insurers claim reference number. As the policy holder, it is the hirers responsibility to progress the claim to resolution, as the damage team are only able to assist with inbound communications from the insurer.

In most cases we will agree to invoice the insurer for elements of the repair costs, if they issue their authorisation to us in writing accepting liability, providing they meet with our credit requirements. However, we reserve the right to pursue the entire, or any part of, the claim amount directly with the customer as the hirer of the vehicle. In these cases the repair will be put on hold and LOU (Loss of use) charges will incur for a maximum of 28 days. Thereafter EVOGO reserve the right to repair the vehicle and we will arrange to invoice the total recharge and LOU in accordance to the daily rental rate.

Complaints Procedure

EVOGO tries to prevent complaints by ensuring that our staff offer the best possible service and that our vehicles are maintained to an exceptionally high standard.

Minor complaints can be verbally discussed with your Account Manager. Any formal complaints (either written or verbal) should be directed to our Management Team, who will verbally acknowledge within 24 working hours.

Service Intervals

EVOGO will cover the cost of the vehicles service, these services are due at the recommended manufacturer service intervals. It is essential you make EVOGO aware when your service is due.

The majority of our fleet vehicles will indicate service information prior to a service being required, the others are accessible through the engine management computer on the dash instrumentation or within the service book provided by the manufacturer.

It is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is serviced and maintained within the manufacturer guidelines, if your fail to adhere to this term & condition of hire you will receive a statutory excess fine of £1000.00 + VAT.

Table of Charges

All prices quoted are Exclusive of VAT

Delivery and Collection
Usually charged at 0.80ppm each way.
Abortive delivery/collection charges
One day’s rental at daily rental rate.
Insufficient Fuel Charge
UK average pump price with 10% refuelling surcharge.
Lost Key Charge
Cost of replacements, recovery, repairs etc. without surcharge plus 10% administration fee.
Excess Mileage Charge

Car's Value

Under £20,0000.15ppm
£20,000 - £35,0000.25ppm
£35,000 - £55,0000.55ppm
£55,000 - £75,0000.85ppm
All prices Ex VAT
Letter of Approval Administration charge
Renewal Fee (Hirer initiated Renewals Only)
Parking & Fines Administration charge
£35.00 for transfer of liability
£25.00 if we pay on your behalf (Plus fine cost)
Alloy wheel refurbishment
(per alloy wheel)
Painted Alloys£55.00 + VAT
Polished Alloys£75.00 + VAT
Valet on return if below standard
£60.00 + VAT
In-Car Smoking Charge
Late Service Light Response Charge
Missing Sat Nav Module / SD Card
In Line with MRRP
Missing Book Pack
In Line with MRRP
Missing Locking Wheel Nut
In Line with MRRP
Missing Car Mats
In Line with MRRP
Missing Spare Wheel
In Line with MRRP
Fitting Mileage blocker to Evogo vehicle
Full residual loss of the vehicle at resale
Missing Wind Deflector / Parcel Shelf
In Line with MRRP
Late Payment Administration Fee

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